Planning a Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash with Flats & Covers

Today is day 6 of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge!  One of my underlying motivations behind taking this challenge was to see if this would work as an inexpensive newborn option.  Yes, I’m already planning, and buying all the diapers for a baby I’m not pregnant with! 

I have already purchased 20 GMD workhorse diapers, (they were on sale!)  I think these are ideal for newborn, breastfed poop.  They are super easy because they are a fitted diaper, so they should contain everything and you can put it directly in the wash.  Perfect for those first couple sleep-deprived months home.  However, they are sized diapers so you need to size up when your baby outgrows them.. This is where my very reasonably priced flour sack towel flats come in!  

Flats would be great to fill the gap between newborn and one-size diapers.  We will still have the wonderful breastfed poop, so Snappis will be essential, along with a jelly roll fold to hopefully contain everything.  I’d also have probably 10+ covers to get us through 2 days.  

With what I’ve learned, (and loved,) so far, here is what I’d put in my newborn stash:

(3) packs of 12 flour sack towels – I could probably get away with two, but it can’t hurt to have extras!

(3) Snappis – since I’d be using these with every change, I’ll want to rinse them in between uses… And I’ll probably lose one eventually.

(10+) Covers – I’d like to be prepared to have a cover for every poop for two days.  My daughter pooped almost every diaper change, 10-ish per day.  So, ideally I’d like close to 20, but I’ll start with a few and see what’s going to fit the baby best.. It may be different than what I prefer now!  Here is what I already have and plan to use for newborn covers:

-Thirsties size 1 Duo Wrap: My current favorite and if it fits the new baby well, I will easily order 10 more of these!

-Buttons cover: Like it, but still not a fan of snaps.  I’ve read that it fits newborns pretty well, so I’m keeping it to try it!

-Sweetpeas Newborn cover: I heard a lot of great things about this as a newborn cover and got it on sale.  

Honestly, I don’t even want to add anymore newborn covers because I’m so in love with the Thirsties.  Plus, they grow with your baby! My 14 month old is still in the size 1 which is for up to 9 months, (she is tiny, 9th percentile.) I will *try* not to buy anymore covers.. But let’s be honest, I probably will.  

A couple other brands I wouldn’t mind trying:

-Grovia hybrid shell: I tried to use these with their inserts and obviously they didn’t contain poop.  So, I’d be interested to try them with a jelly rolled flat since they seem to fit a decent size newborn.

-Thirsties XS cover: I was pretty set on this before I got the Duo Wrap, but I’ve heard they are about the same size and to just go with the Duo.

-Bummis Supe Brite: Another newborn-specific cover that has rave reviews.  Might be worth having one in my stash. 

Flats and covers are a great way to keep a newborn stash cost effective.  If you get something as versatile as a flat, and one-size covers, they can be used far beyond the newborn stage.  

To learn more about the Flats & Handwashing Challenge, click here!

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