My top 3 Cloth-Friendly Diaper Rash Creams

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When using cloth diapers, there are a few diaper rash creams that are not suggested due to some of the ingredients staining or causing repelling on the diapers. However, there are plenty of rash creams that are very compatible with cloth! For whatever reason, I have accumulated several rash creams and I use each for different degrees of diaper rash.

1. The Grovia Magic Stick is one of our favorites and we will start with an obvious reason – it comes in a stick form! You never have to put your finger in a diaper cream with this stick and it glides on skin very easily. It’s formula is a blend of hydrating oils, so hydrating that I use it as a lip balm as well, (I have my own “itty bitty magic stick!”) The scent is also wonderful and my daughter always smells so nice when she has this on! I mainly use the Magic Stick for light diaper rash – maybe it’s just starting to show up and I want to avoid it getting any worse. This also works as a barrier between baby’s skin and the wet diaper against her skin. So if we are in a situation where she may be in a diaper longer than normal, I will apply this so the wetness doesn’t irritate her skin. This is also a top choice for travel as you can easily throw it in the diaper bag and use it without having to wash your hands.

2. For a medium diaper rash that’s fairly red, I tend to grab Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Cream & Baby Powder. The consistency is a little difficult to explain. The idea is that it’s a cream and powder combined. Imagine a lotion and add baby powder to it – it has a little less oily feel, and more of a matte finish. I feel that it can rub into the skin well and I can apply it a little thicker if needed. It does a good job clearing up the rash and soothes irritated skin.

3. I won’t lie, Earth Mama Angel Baby is one of my favorite overall brands. I use so many of their products and really haven’t been disappointed in any of them. The Angel Baby Bottom Balm is more of an oily ointment and this is essential when the rash gets really bad. Sometimes there is a little blood with the rash, and this ointment really seems to soothe her and help with healing.




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