How to Diaper Your Baby for Under $100 with Cloth Diapers

Today was day 2 of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge and there were a couple times I almost called it quits.. Let’s just say I really rely on my disposable liners, but more on that later! Let’s talk about my stash! I promised to keep it under $100 to prove that you can use cloth diapers to diaper your baby from birth to potty training with this very small investment.

Here is what is pictured above: 4 diaper covers, 12 cloth wipes, 1 stay-dry booster, 1 Snappi and 12 flour sack towels. Total cost of everything new: $86.43. I left a little wiggle room and I’m glad I did because I’ve already added a second booster, so current stash value is $91.68. Here’s a break down of the items:

Thirsties duo wrap size 2: $12.75

Best Bottoms one size cover: $16.95

Buttons one size cover: $11.00

Thirsties duo wrap size 1: $12.75

(12) Grovia cloth wipes: $10.95

(2) Grovia stay-dry boosters: $10.50

(1) Snappi diaper fastner: $4.00

(12) Flour Sack Towels: $12.78

The actual flat cloth diapers are the flour sack towels, which are 100% cotton in a very large towel – 30″x38″. As you can see, these are about $1 each. We use one per change and 2 at night time. We also use the doubler and snappi with the night time diaper. 12 easily gets us through the day, but it depends how often you change your baby. 12 wipes are also more than enough for one day, and you usually only need one wipe per change.

You also need a diaper cover to go over the FST – and I have a little variety to choose from. My current favorite are the Thirsties. They come in 2 sizes, but I think that gives a better fit from birth to potty training. We use the size 1 during the day and size 2 for our night time diaper with a Stay dry booster. These covers are also super easy to handwash and dry quickly. The Buttons cover I really like, it is very soft and a great price for the quality. My only complaint is that it takes a while to dry, so if you are washing daily, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Lastly, the Best Bottoms cover.. I got this on a great sale but didn’t like it as much as the Thirsties. It works fine, so I used it to have an extra for the challenge.

I hope this gives you an example of the savings cloth diapers can give you. This stash, under $100, works great for daily washing – even hand washing and line drying. If you wanted to stretch it another day between washing, you could add another pack of FSTs, 2-3 more covers and another pack of wipes. This puts you more in the $150 range depending on the type of covers you use.

To learn more about the Flats & Handwashing Challenge, click here!

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