4 High End Baby Registry Must Have Items to Splurge On

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If I Could Make My Baby Registry Must Have List Again…

When I think back to creating my baby registry must have list, I remember very meticulously picking things out that I knew I would use and that were at a reasonable price point.  I did a lot of research, (like I still do,) to make sure that things I wanted were worth the cost.

I really didn’t splurge on anything or ask for anything that seemed over the top.  Actually, I remember thinking that my Boon Grass drying rack was a splurge – and I’ve been using it everyday with my 2nd and 3rd babies.  I even purchased a second one!

Three kids later, I can recommend these few products as must-haves on your first baby registry. Keep in mind I’m a minimalist as far as baby registry items and also very budget-conscious.

Although these are some high dollars items, if I could go back, these would’ve been on my registry the first time – at least for the registry discount!

Looking for your Baby Registry Basics?  See my list of baby gear you actually need!

Did you know you can create a baby registry through Amazon?  I’ve done it with both of my pregnancies just for the great box of freebies they send you!

I’ve also taken advantage of the completion discount both times – because who would pass up another 15% off baby items you’re going to need anyway?  Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

With the twins, here are the items I am loving and wish that I had when I made my registry for my first baby:

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Breathing Monitor

This was a high end baby product I did not know about at the time of my first pregnancy.  I had purchased the Snuza clip-on monitor for my daughter, but didn’t use it because we basically ended up co-sleeping.

The twins were in their cribs by 3 months old.  I had heard of the Owlet Smart Sock 2 during my twin pregnancy, but thought the price was a little ridiculous and the fact that I would need two made me decide against it.

Fast forward to bringing our twins home, and their lives are worth way more than $300.  I just couldn’t imagine something happening to my baby and knowing that $300 could have helped prevent it.  So we splurged and did a payment plan to purchase the monitors.

After using them, my thoughts are that they are well worth the splurge.  The peace of mind I have knowing that I will be alerted if there’s a problem is priceless.

The fact that I can sleep without getting up to check on them multiple times per night is amazing.  I wrote a full review on the Owlet Smart Sock 2 that explains my love for this product!  I now recommend it to every first-time mom.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

This one may seem odd… why do I care about a diaper pail?  Well, you’ll be dealing with diapers for the next 2-3+ years on a daily basis.  This is one of those products that’s worth it because of the time you’ll be using it.

I had really researched this for my first baby.  It seemed like the cool new gadget but I couldn’t justify $80 on something to put my diapers in.

So, instead of choosing this high end baby product, I got a plastic diaper pail and purchased the required bags, (at almost $1/bag,) to go with it.  I ended up spending way over $80 and had a smelly nursery.

The Ubbi is steel and truly does contain the smell.  I didn’t believe it even when I purchased it but I can noticeably tell the difference if I’ve left a diaper out in their room versus it being in the pail.

I found a great deal on Amazon where these do go on sale, but I would recommend adding this to your registry if you’re a first time mom.

You can use any trash bag you want which saves a ton of money right there.  It can fit a full size kitchen trash bag and holds a lot of diapers.

We need to change ours about every 2 days with twins in size 3 diapers – so it has a large capacity!  You can even use this with cloth diapers and a pail liner.

Learn more about how you can save by using cloth diapers on your baby!

High End Stroller (Vista or City Select)

Here’s where you can learn from my mistake!  Don’t buy a travel system!  I know it seems so easy, but there are better options.  You need to pick your your stroller first – and most of them have adaptors for the top car seat brands.  Or you can go completely crazy and skip the bucket seat like I did!

I would recommend getting one high end stroller that will grow with you from one baby up to three, (if you plan to have more than one baby!)

A model like the Uppababy Vista, (see my thoughts on their quality here,) or the Baby Jogger City Select Lux, can be converted from a single to double to triple with a ride-on board.  It will truly be the only stroller you need!

You can even use these as travel systems carrying one or two bucket car seats.  When you consider that most people purchase a double stroller after they’ve purchased a travel system, the cost adds up.

Now if you didn’t purchase the highest quality travel system, the stroller might not make it past a couple of years, let alone a couple of babies.  This is a high end baby product that is worth every penny.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle or Corset

This one isn’t for baby, but it is definitely worth the splurge.  I wrestled with this purchase for my first baby and ultimately didn’t get it.

Oh how I wish I knew what a great support it was for my insides after birth!  No one told me that they would be floating around trying to fall back in place.

I definitely classified this as a vanity item for my first pregnancy, but it is very much a necessity.  The compression offered by the girdle and corset helps you heal so much faster and feel like you can move around and be more active with baby.

These are also important if you have had a C-section.

I wrote about my experience with both pieces after the birth of my twins.

As you can read in my review, this is one of those high end baby products that I wish I would have had after my first birth.  It is worth the splurge and why not splurge on something for mama?  You are the one doing the work here!

 Is That All?

No, probably not.  However, those are 4 high end baby products that I think are very important when you want to invest in items to have around for multiple children.

Save your time, (and ultimately your money,) and splurge on these with your first baby.  Use your baby registry, your completion discount and any gift cards you receive to make these purchases happen.

What else do you think is a high end must have for your first baby?


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    1. Yes the Ubbi takes any bags! They also make their own, but it’s just a ring like a normal trash can, which you can also use it as after baby!

  1. Um I *totally* agree with all these items. Only think I’d add for sure is a rock n’ play, but I love that your list includes things others aren’t necessarily thinking about. I didn’t use a girdle, but I used a c-section panty that compresses and it helped SO much.

    1. I agree – Rock n Plays saved us with all of kids! And yes, compression is amazing! I’m surprised it’s not commonly suggested to first time moms!

  2. The owlet was a new item when I was pregnant that unfortunately I didn’t get. I’ve seen many new moms out this on their registries and end up praising it. As for a diaper disposal I think it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve had to many run ins with my dogs trying to go through the trash when we disposed of the diapers there. Seems like a very cool stroller if you’re on the go as much as I take my son out.

  3. Great post!!! There us so much you need for a baby but these are all great. I will be getting the owlet for my next one for sure.

  4. Totally agree on the stroller – we’ve had our City Select for more than 5 years now and we LOVE it! The Owlet came out after we already had our oldest two, but I’m sure we would have got it if it had been around when we had our first.

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